Meaning ‘three’ in Arabic, TALATA is the brainchild of three creative mavericks hailing from Egypt. With their desire to seamlessly incorporate their heritage into their designs, along with a virtuosic eye for color and bold patterns, TALATA’s founders also based their concept on offering two distinct services; product design and manufacturing as well as interior design services.


Mehry El Masy

Head Designer, Co-Founder

“Egypt has always been a melting pot of cultures. The footprints can be seen all over the design styles that passed through the country. We are proud of our heritage and that is why all our products are handmade in Egypt where the oldest techniques and craftsmanship are unparalleled.”

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Mona Ramzy

Head Designer, Co-Founder

“We do not have a design style. Our philosophy is to give our clients what they want; to create a space that they feel comfortable and happy in. Our furniture creations are designed to bring to life timeless design elements and re-create them to add a modern flare."
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Farah Dana Zoghbi

Head of Operations, Co-Founder

"We created TALATA to revive and showcase the craftsmanship and timeless designs that continue to exist in Egypt and throughout the region. We want to continue to revive the work of the Egyptian artisans while incorporating their talents with our expertise in the design field."